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ICONIX is currently developing the latest in transportation technology. Our revolutionary design in electric vehicle motor control which allows increased performance and greater range.

Electric 1/4 Scale Vehicle:
Scale Car Prototype This model Corvette is a 1/4 Scale test bed for an electric vehicle, powered with the latest technology of a Neodymium Magnet Wheel Motor Designed by ICONIX for GTi Motorworks. Each wheel has a liquid cooled electric motor specially designed and controlled for high efficiency and torque.

Bridge BIAS System:

train2-p50.jpg Bridge

We hold a US patent for our design of this Bridge Safety Monitor system being tested for Union Pacific and the Department of Transportation. This device learns the signature pattern of Railroad Bridge movement and warns an oncoming train if is out of the normal. Preventing a potential derailment disaster. It received its 15 minutes of fame on KSL Television News.

Broken Bridge Bridge Shear bolts show wear and movement on this out of service bridge in southern Utah.